Conditions of Buying

Mango shake j.d.o.o. – shopping in web shop on www.localhost:8181/wordpress
These conditions of buying define the procedure of ordering, payment, delivery and return or reclamation of items offered on our web pages. The Supplier (Seller) of the items offered on these pages is Mango Shake j.d.o.o. Jackovijski klanec 19a, 10 000 Zagreb, and the Buyer of an item is a visitor of the web shop who choses at least one product, fills in electronic order form and sends it to the Seller. All the given prices are in kunas and include VAT
All the prices on the web are noted in kunas with VAT included. While purchasing a product on the given day under given price, the product will be shipped and charged under the price indicated in the moment of purchase. The prices are valid until the processing new ones.
The prices indicated are valid only for the web shop on www.localhost:8181/wordpress
Mango shake j.d.o.o. has a right to change the prices without previous notice as well as changing the prices exclusively for web shop. Furthermore, Mango shake j.d.o.o. has a right in any moment to determine discount prices.



The buyer is not obligated to be registered on www.localhost:8181/wordpress to be able to proceed with purchase. During the registration, buyer is asked to type in his/her e-mail address and password.



Items ordering is possible 24/7. Items are ordered exclusively through electronic form – shopping cart. Buyer is not obligated to be registered on the web site of the Seller to be able to proceed with purchase. The Buyer is however requested to type in personal details and address (where will the package be delivered) to the process of order can be concluded. If the Seller has no possibility to deliver all of the ordered items, he will deliver the ones available and he will contact the Buyer in a written way and inform him.



Ordered products, with possible delivery costs, the costumer is able to pay on delivery through HP express delivers (valid only for orders within the Republic of Croatia), credit transfer (general payment slip or through internet banking) or credit and debit cards such as: MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, Diners i American Express.
Installment payment is enabled to the customers that are paying with American Express or Diners credit or debit cards:?• it is able to pay in 2-6 installments without interest rate being imposed

Delivery fee is charged only after the Seller establishes that the ordered products are available in the store. In case of card payment the Buyer needs to compel a payment form and the means on the card will be reserved, the transaction will be made only after the Seller establishes that the ordered products are available.



T-Com Pay Way applies the most modern data protection – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption i MD5 algorithm. ISO 8583 protocol assures that the data exchange between T-Com system and authorization center of card companies is made through private network, which is protected by two layer firewall from unauthorized access.




After completing the order Buyer will receive a notification that the order is processed and currently waiting to confirm the availability of ordered item. After the Seller verifies product availability the Buyer will be informed via e-mail about the ordered product availability. If the Buyer decided to pay through credit transfer he will be noticed in that same e-mail that he can make a payment, when on the other hand in case of credit or debit card payment the Buyer will be informed that the transaction is made.



Item delivery is made through express delivery within 8 business days from the moment of item availability conformation. The Buyer has a right to refuse to take over the delivery if he noticed some exterior package damages. Items are ensured from delivery losses, therefore if the Buyer doesn’t receive the package or he does not hear from the Seller within 20 days after ordering the product he is obligated to inform the Seller who will then try to find the delivery or send the new one. If the Buyer does not take the delivery from the courier within 5 business days, the delivery will be returned to the Seller.



Delivery cost is not charged for the orders equal or greater than 1.000,00 kn. For the orders minor than 1.000,00 shipping is charged 35,00 kn.



Pursuant to the article 72. On the Consumer protection law, the buyer has a 14 days right to withdraw his purchase. The 14-day deadline starts to go on from the day of receiving the items. Additional to that, the buyer is obligated to notice the seller via e-mail
If the buyer had already received the items and decided to withdraw the purchase, the received items need to be returned to the seller. When returned, the products need to be unused and undamaged, the copy of original receipt is also necessary. All of that needs to be sent on the sellers address

Mango Shake j.d.o.o.
Jackovinski klanec 19a
10 000 Zagreb
The expenses of items return are to be bared by the buyer.
The seller is obligated to return the money within 14 day deadline after receiving the items. Ordered items, in other words the packages that the buyer doesn’t want to receive, will be returned also depending on buyers expanses.



Mango Shake j.d.o.o. is responsible for the quality and default errors on bought products on web shop www.localhost:8181/wordpress
If the buyer has any complaints about bought items, in compliance with article 10 point 6 Consumer protection law, he has a right to send a written complaint to the seller. The complaint can be sent:
Via mail on address Mango shake j.d.o.o., Jackovinski klanec 19a, 10 000 Zagreb
via e-mail
We kindly ask you to write down you name and surname, address, contact and description of the complaint. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days after receiving it.
The form for the complaint can be downloaded on the following link.



You have the right, without adducing the reason, unilaterally breach the contract of purchase within 14 days from receiving the package. The contract will be breached with written notice about breach of contract by filling the FORM FOR UNILATERAL BREACH OF CONTRACT or by other ambiguity proclamation through which you express your will of termination. The buyer is obligated to deliver the previously mentioned form or proclamation to the Seller, through the sellers address or e-mail
The form can be downloaded on the following link; FORM UNILATERAL TERMINATION.
If the buyer is terminating the contract with ambiguity proclamation he is obligated to indicate the name, surname, address, phone number and email.
If the buyer sends the form via e-mail, Mango Shake j.d.o.o. will notice the buyer in shortest period possible about receiving the form. If the buyer unilaterally terminates the contract he is obligated to return delivered Mango Shake j.d.o.o.product (bearing the cost) to the address of the seller. Mango Shake j.d.o.o. is obligated to return the money to the buyer within 14 day deadline.



Mango Shake j.d.o.o. obligates itself and guarantees that in any case, your personal data will be processed consciously, fairly, with usage of suitable protection measures with a goal of preventing unauthorized publishing and malicious usage of your personal data, all of that in compliance with Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD).
Mango Shake j.d.o.o will not deliver your personal data to the third party, only if the law says otherwise. Your personal data will be processed until you revoke your consent, thereby they will be permanently deleted.
Depending on the purpose of collection and processing of personal data, which was described previously Mango Shake j.d.o.o can ask you to leave following information: name, surname, username, e-mail, address, city, zip code, country and phone number.
In case of previously stated events, Mango Shake j.d.o.o. collects and processes your personal data only based on your personal consent.
Personal data is not collected by your single visit to our web site, but at the moment you personally insert them while ordering a product, registration for our newsletter, taking a survey or sending a question via contact form.
The consent to collect and process your personal data is given through filling out special form providing services on our web page and you can revoke it in any moment.



When it comes to your personal data, you have the following rights: you can request access (overview, notification and issuing a copy), rectify, add, update and delete the data, as well as revoke the agreement to process your personal data, in other words that in any moment you are able to withdraw your agreement and stop the processing of your personal data, also to be notified by Mango Shake j.d.o.o. about the status of your request.
Based on your personal request you have a right to freely obtain information about your personal data that had been saved. Beside that in compliance with article 21 Law on the Protection of Personal Data you have a right to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial, marketing usage.
As it is previously mentioned, in compliance with law orders, in case of the data being incomplete, not accurate or not updated and if their processing is not in compliance with law orders, you have a right to rectify, add, unable and deleting of your personal data.
Agreement for collecting and processing your personal data can be revoked in any moment in following way:
by sending an e-mail to the address or
by sending a mail to Mango Shake j.d.o.o., Jackovinski klanec 19a, 10 000 Zagreb.
If you revoke your consent for personal data processing, Mango Shake j.d.o.o is obligated to permanently delete all your personal data within 15 days from receiving the revoke.
In case of unauthorized personal data processing you have a right to begin a proper case against Mango Shake j.d.o.o in front of the competent jurisdiction and in compliance with current laws in Republic of Croatia.
The privacy policy regards only the usage of web page and it is valid only on Republic of Croatia territory, whereby it does not regard the links that this page can contain and lead to other web pages, as well it is not valid in any other state. Mango Shake j.d.o.o. is not responsible for the content of privacy policy of third party websites. If in any moment you notice that those links lead to a third party web sites that are not appropriate or have unfavorable privacy policy, please contact us and we will tend to remove those kind of web sites.



Visiting Mango Shake j.d.o.o web shop pages you communicate online. Therefore you agree to all consents, notifications, announcements and other contents which are delivered to you online and through this way they satisfy legal framework as they were written.



Mango Shake j.d.o.o. keeps all the rights to change and update this buying terms. Every single change of terms of buying will be posted on pages of Mango Shake j.d.o.o web shop.
Mango Shake j.d.o.o.